4th Annual Nathan Butler Fundraiser - October 3, 2015 9am - 4pm
Thunder Roadhouse Café 900 Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK
This yearly fundraiser event was started by the Billygoat Foundation in 2012 for a friend of the Billygoat’s, Nathan Butler.  Nathan diagnosed at 4 with Neuroblastoma, which is an aggressive children’s cancer and now a healthy 7 year old without evidence of cancer.  The event honors Nathan and each year we raise money for a different family of a child with Neuroblastoma. 
We are going to raise $25,000 in 2015. While this is a big number for us, we feel that it is important to help all the families that we can.  This year’s primary recipient is family of Charlie Keith, a 7 year old who began fighting Neuroblastoma at the age of 4.  After a period of remission, he is currently battling an aggressive relapse making his second battle against cancer difficult and medical travel likely. You can follow his road to remission at
Billygoat Landon Ramm, an original founder of our organization, passed away unexpectedly in July 2015.  We hope to honor him and hope you will join us in continuing the compassionate work we started with him.
We are building a Honda CT70 mini-bike to give away with one ticket per $20 donation.
The first 250 $100 donations, we will give one ticket for a 1 in 250 chance to win an Indian Motorcycle.  
Other activities include a motorcycle & car show, silent auction, raffles, inflatables, and other fun kid activities.  

Past Annual Nathan Butler Fundraisers
The 1st Annual Nathan Butler Fundraiser
Nathan Butler, son of Bilygoat family friends John Henry and Stephanie Butler, was diagnosed at 4 years old with Neuroblastoma in 2012.  Seeing their rough road to remission sparked us to initiate this foundation and fundraiser.  We were able to help his family some prior to about a month long stay in the hospital.  Nathan has completed his cancer treatments and has no evidence of cancer (NED) since 2013!
The 2nd Annual Nathan Butler Fundraiser
Charlie Keith, son of Jeremy and Jordan Keith, was the beneficiary of the 2013 fundraiser. Charlie was announced early 2014 to have no evidence of disease (NED) but in October 2014 Neuroblastoma cancer was found again so he began treatments.  The cancer attacking Charlie is very aggressive but he fights on bravely.    
The 3rd Annual Nathan Butler Fundraiser
We set to help out Parker Mayfield who was diagnosed in August 2014 with stage III Neuroblastoma.  She completed 4 rounds of chemo and in 2015 a NYC surgeon successfully removed her tumor and she without evidence of cancer today! We were able to raise a significant amount for Parker’s family to help with the financial effects of cancer. Parker’s mother, Wendi, is on a leave of absence from teaching to help Parker during treatments and hospitalizations.   Parker’s parents, Brook & Wendi Mayfield showed extreme appreciation for the group’s efforts and generosity of those like you that donated to help them. 

Thank you to every sponsor of the fundraisers. Your generosity is profoundly appreciated in our efforts to yearly help a family battling this terrible disease.  Silent auction items provide most of the donations to help these families, so your company is a vital part of our continued success.  Thank you from all the members of the Billygoat Foundation and the Mayfield Family.

We appreciate your continued support on our quest to make Neuroblastoma extinct!


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  1. Gorgeous place, I just went here with someone. The place itself was beautiful and spacious, the seats were comfortable and wide. From where I was sitting at the venues, the views were great. I think the music really did a great job of filling up the space.